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Launched in 2012, SES offer Secure SaaS services protecting the most critical part of your third party SaaS or cloud applications – the data.  This service allows Software Users to continue to access their business critical applications and data in the event of supplier failure. 

Why use Secure SaaS from SES?


An increasing number of businesses use third party developed applications that are delivered through a hosting partner or Alternative Service Provider (ASP) using a Software as a Service (SaaS) or cloud model.  In many cases the software developer is also the ASP or is responsible for the relationship with the ASP. 


Whilst there are a number of advantages to choosing services delivered through the cloud (dynamic development, infrastructure costs etc.), organisations need to be aware that this changes their risk vulnerabilities and should the software developer or ASP suffer business failure, the impact on the Software User is much more immediate.  Should the Software Developer (or ASP) suffer business failure, the first indication for the User could be the complete withdrawal of services and loss of critical data.


Whilst there are well established benefits to be realised through the use of a SaaS or cloud model there are significant risks to be considered:  


  • Loss or compromise of corporate data
  • Immediate withdrawal of services
  • Impact on business function
  • Disruption of customer services
  • Loss of control over corporate image through disruption of customer services
  • Exposure of corporate data to other users of the SaaS or cloud application
  • Catastrophic failure of business critical SaaS or cloud applications


So how do you ensure that your SaaS or cloud service continues in the event of Software Vendor failure? Or, how can you recover both the software materials and critical data to ensure that you can continue to use your application through an alternative ASP or in-house?


In our experience, most Escrow services do not address the real needs of a SaaS or web based application. 


Traditionally, the Escrow industry has defaulted to offering a single annual deposit to protect end users in the event of vendor failure. However, for SaaS or Cloud services this approach is obsolete. When using SaaS or cloud applications, these traditional Escrow agreements are unable to protect the dynamic nature of the service.  In the event of a release your source code could be up to 12 months out of data and you would lose access to all of your data which it critical to accurately rebuilding your application.


Benefits of Secure SaaS Services


For the End User


  • Ensures access to the most current version of your current data in addition to the application source code and runtime software
  • Provides peace of mind that the third party ASP will continue to run the application for an agreed period of time
  • Allows the option to continue the service by establishing a framework for a direct ongoing arrangement with the third party ASP
  • Limits the need for expensive alternative or duplicated hosting options
  • Meets and enhances business continuity and disaster recovery provision
  • Provides the freedom to move the SaaS or cloud application and the live data to an environment of your choice should a ‘release event’ occur
  • Unlimited data deposits as standard (up to 100GB)


For the Supplier or Software Developer


  • Provides a tangible, added value, business continuity plan for your customers
  • Helps you deliver an enhanced and more attractive service which can help you win more business
  • Builds customer trust in you
  • Effectively positions you as an innovator that places value on your customer interests
  • Differentiates you from your competitors
  • Unlimited number of data deposits as standard (up to 100GB)


To find out more on our Secure SaaS Service including pricing options please contact SES on 0161 488 1400 or via email quoting "Secure SaaS" to

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