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As a software vendor it isn't practical to hand over the source code of the most up to date versions of the software you release. A much more feasible option would be to request that the source code is assigned to a third party under an "Escrow Agreement" which delivers a number of key benefits: 


  • Protect software IP
  • Provide contractual piece of mind that it is 100% safe for your users to do business with you
  • Flexibility of Escrow agreements, SES can develop the Software Escrow agreement to reflect the circumstances of the licensing arrangement between the software owner and end user
  • Secure and win more business when negotiating software contracts that already provide Escrow assurance
  • The Escrow contract is simple to establish and cost effective
  • Increase the overall value of the software application to the end user
  • Secure third party source code repository and detailed version control
  • Comfort that SES will manage and administer the escrow agreement on your behalf and therefore minimise your cost


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