Ideally all software contracts should include provision for Software Escrow, Software IP protection and Source Code Management, particularly if the solution is integral and critical to the business.  SES supplies a range of Escrow agreements to suit a range of circumstances.

SES offer a number of Software Escrow agreements and can tailor agreements to meet all parties’ requirements.  We understand that there are many different ways of licensing software to End Users through server based applications, cloud solutions and through certified software distributors or reseller channels.  These circumstances can reflect who provides support & maintenance, who owns the IP and who deposits the source code.  
Speak to one of our specialists for comprehensive advice on the most suitable Escrow agreement to fulfil all parties requirements.



Standard Escrow Agreement To Protect A Single Client Or Application.

Escrow Agreements From SES

SES offer a range of Software Escrow Agreements to protect all of your business critical applications.

Master Multi Licensee Agreement

A single Agreement To Protect All Clients Using Any Version Of Your Application.

Master Services Agreement

One Agreement To Protect All Of Your Organisations Critical Applications.


Our Escrow Agreement Expertise

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