Escrow Outsourcing

Escrow Outsourcing


SES’s Escrow Outsourcing Service is a cost effective, easily manageable and very effective way of protecting and maintaining your Escrow contracts without relying on internal departments who may have other priorities.

Why Outsource?


Based on SES’s decade of experience in the Escrow market, we have identified a number of common issues created through out of date or technically and commercially inept procedures maintained by other Escrow suppliers. The key to our service is tackling these issues so that the customer is effectively protected against supplier failure or buyout whilst receiving the ultimate Escrow service.

Common Issues:


  • Time consuming administration processes
  • Complex invoicing processes
  • Out of date Escrow deposits
  • Non centralised Escrow agreements
  • Incorrect or misapplied Escrow agreements
  • Out of date Escrow agreements
  • Poorly executed Escrow agreements by Escrow suppliers with little or no commercial or industry experience
  • Incorrect, wrongly applied or incomplete testing services
  • Annual uncontrolled or unjustified cost increases
  • Poor account management
  • Lack of transparency
  • Aggressive sales tactics


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