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Defence Or Containment – What’s The Best Approach To Securing Your Business?

Published on 04/03/2020

When it comes to fighting cyber crime, the emphasis is overwhelmingly on prevention. 

However, as the volume of attacks against businesses grows significantly, organisations are struggling to prevent wave after wave of attacks and once an attack is successful, the organisations focus shifts to containment and ensuring damage and disruption is kept to a minimum. 

The threat of malicious individuals is growing in both complexity and scale, the volume of attacks against businesses grew 122% in the past year alone and there’s no silver bullet that can eradicate all risks. 

The majority of businesses simply do not have the resources to prevent every single attack, but then letting attacks occur and shifting focus to containment isn’t a suitable strategy either. Therefore, implementing a holistic approach to your organisation’s security is essential.  

In our opinion, organisations should take a balanced approach to dealing with threats, implementing all possible measures to prevent attacks, but at the same time have a defined strategy for containing and remediating successful attacks. 

Cyber resilience depends on both protection and migration of attacks. Strong security is built in layers so that if attackers can bypass one security measure your defences can remain resilient. Attackers will often go after the weakest targets, therefore preventative measures are as much of a deterrent as they are strong defences. However, attackers are also persistent so establishing measures for containment ensures you can quickly contain and remediate a threat. 

The steps required to defend and contain a breach can vary depending on the type of attack and size of the organisation. However, some of the easiest measures to implement at the prevention, mitigation and disaster recovery stages include: 


•    Perimeter defences 
•    Staff training


•    Restricting user access 
•    Tracking network and user behaviour

Disaster Recovery 

•    Performing regular backups 
•    Purchasing cyber insurance

Businesses have always been targeted by attackers and as cyber attacks increase its naïve to believe this trend will decrease or that your organisation won’t be the victim of a successful breach. 

SES can help you build a holistic approach to managing your organisation's security. From implementing preventative measures to defend your organisation from incoming attacks to providing you with the tools to quickly contain and remediate when your defences are breached. For more information on how SES can help you improve your organisation’s security portfolio, please get in touch to speak to one of our specialists. 

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