My Application Is Installed


Standard Software Escrow is designed specifically to protect business critical applications installed on-site at your business premises.

My Application Is Installed

In The Cloud

To fully protect your critical hosted applications SES offer an industry leading SaaS Escrow service, holding your current

application data alongside source code.

Software Escrow From SES

A Flexible & Agile Solution

Software Escrow Agreements permit an independent specialist to hold and test a copy of the application source code to make sure it is accurate, complete and can be compiled independently in the event of a release.


This protects you against the ‘what if’ scenarios and puts you in control of your 3rd party software investments, offering you assurances and continuity for the investments you make.


SES provides a range of Software Escrow agreements, source code contract management and Software IP Solutions that compliment all aspects of software security whether they are locally installed, hosted in the cloud or sourced through reseller or distribution channels. Essentially, Software Escrow should be part of any software contract negotiation. 


Escrow is no longer about casting fear and doubt. Setting up an Escrow Agreement is now considered good practice and makes your business more attractive to prospective customers, especially if you offer cloud based applications. 

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How Does Software Escrow For On-Premise Applications Work

Because businesses have unique requirements when it comes to Software Escrow protection, all of our Escrow agreements are completely bespoke. However, the diagram shows a simplified Software Escrow cycle.

Software Escrow protects your 3rd party licence agreements and ensures the continuity of your business. An independent Escrow agent is legally permitted to hold and validate a copy of a software application’s source code, including all relevant documentation on behalf of the software user (Licensee).


If the supplier is unable to maintain the service, the code and supporting documentation can be released to the Licensee so that they or an alternative 3rd party can continue to maintain the application.

To find our more about our Software Escrow services, please click to speak to a specialist.

Benefits Of An Escrow Agreement From SES

Protects Your Investments

Protects Your Investment In 3rd party developed applications.

Ensures Business Continuity

Ensures continuity for you business critical, revenue generating, highly customised or bespoke applications.

Legal Right To Continue

Provides you with the legal rights to continue to use critical systems even after your developer is unable to support them.

Ensure Deposits Are Accurate

Validates the source code for your application, ensuring it can be rebuilt into a working application.

Build Long Term Relationships

Supports and builds long term End User - Software Supplier relationships.

Our Software Escrow Expertise

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