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Automated Source Code Deposits

With our secure, automated depositing facilities. SES provides our clients with the option to perform deposits of your applications source code securely and flexibly.

Secure, automated source code depositing facilities

Source code deposits can be scheduled to occur as often as the application changes (most customers choose deposits to occur on a daily frequency), providing maximum business continuity protection in the event of a release. 

Our systems work with all the major repositories including GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket, Beanstalk, FogBugz, Devhub and Sourceforge amongst others. Your code is downloaded into an isolated environment to ensure there are no security issues and anti-virus can be run on each piece of code before it is stored securely in Escrow.

This service works seamlessly with alongside the continued development of your application to ensure your clients have access to the most accurate version of their source code whilst also removing the burden of making manual Software Escrow deposits each time the source code is updated.

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Advantages of Automated Source Code Deposits from SES


Our secure, automated depositing process can be scheduled to occur at periods of low traffic creating convenience and reducing your administration.

Long term access

Deposits can be held for as long as you instruct, providing long term access to your source code.

Rapid access

Access to your source code within a short time of it being updated ensures you always have access.

Simple to set up

SES does all the work in setting up the deposit process, leaving you free to do what you do best.

Increased efficiency

SES's automated depositing service enables you to deposit directly from your repository, offering increased efficiency over traditional depositing method.

A selection of the repositories we can work with

Our expertise. Your questions answered

Why do I need a Software Escrow Agreement?

For End Users of business-critical applications, a Software Escrow Agreement protects you against the developer of your business-critical applications no longer being able to support their applications.

For Software Developers, an Escrow Agreement helps build credibility and trust that you have your clients interests at heart.

How does a Software Escrow Agreement work?

In its simplest form, an Escrow Agreement is a tri-party agreement between an End User, a Software Developer and a third party Software Escrow Agent. The Developer licenses the application to the End User as usual but also deposits a copy of the source code for the application and any other material required to accurately redeploy the application into Escrow which can then be released to the End User if a release event contained within the Escrow Agreement is triggered.

How much does a Software Escrow Agreement cost?

The answer to this is entirely dependent on the level of protection you need. SES offers a range of Software Escrow Agreements depending on how many clients will be added to the agreement (for Software Developers), how many business-critical applications the agreement will be used to cover (for End Users) and whether the application/s in question is installed on-premise or delivered through a SaaS model.

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