For nearly two decades, it has been our mission to challenge the Software Escrow sector by offering innovative IT technology, turning unfriendly and unimaginative Escrow services into must have solutions to protect every business.


SES protect over 2,500 Software Developers, IP Owners, Distributors and End Users in over 40 countries across the world, and our levels of Customer service, Cost Effectiveness and Security have enabled us to become the fastest growing Software Escrow Provider in Europe.

Why Should You Choose SES?

99% Customer Satisfaction

Over 2,500 Clients In 40+ Countries

Free Transfer Of Your Existing Escrow Agreement 


ISO: 9001 &

ISO: 27001

15 Years Proven Track Record

Why Should You Choose SES?

The cornerstone of our rapid expansion are our ISO 9001:2015 - ISO 27001:2017 UKAS registered certifications, and complete dedication to effective customer management, a commitment to staff training and development, as well as our underlying belief in the strength of our products and the integrity of our company.

Clients We Work With

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