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Digital Forensics

In the event your organisation suffers a computer security incident, time is of the essence. The sooner SES are involved, the sooner we can secure your assets, minimise damage and disruption and truly measure the extent of the breach.

Extraction, analysis & presentation of digital media & data

To correctly and accurately investigate a security incident (for example in situations where a breach has resulted in a civil or criminal court matter) a forensic analysis of your digital media and data may be required to determine an accurate sequence of events. 

Our consultants will copy, transport and store your digital data, adhering to strict ACPO Guidelines for Digital Evidence. This enables them to perform a thorough investigation without tampering with the evidence ensuring it can be presented in court. 

Ensuring Digital Forensics forms an integral aspect of your organisations incident response plan is essential as cyber attacks become increasingly sophisticated, yet it is reported that despite attacks making headlines on such a regular basis, just 13% of UK Businesses have implemented a Cyber Security Incident Management Plan.

SES’s consultants undertake all aspects of digital forensics, from assisting law enforcement with cases of fraud, IP theft, and insider threat, through to corporate data recovery, malware identification, and digital security incidents. As such, we offer a comprehensive range of digital forensic service options:

A range of Digital Forensics services

Digital Forensics can be used to recover valuable data. This can be especially beneficial should lost data be required as part of an ongoing cyber security investigation.

Computer Forensics

Extracting data from your computers and other forms of hardware, including USB sticks, external hard drives and servers. In addition to existing live data, our consultants are also able to copy deleted data. 

Mobile Forensics & RFPS 

Extracting data from SIM cards and memory cards as well as a Radio Frequency Propagation Survey (RFPS) for determining the location of devices if required.

Media Forensics 

Extracting data including audio and visual data from digital media platforms. Our consultants use cutting edge tools to capture data accurately. 

Data Recovery 

Digital Forensics can be used to recover valuable data. This can be especially beneficial should lost data be required as part of an ongoing cyber security investigation. 

Disaster Recovery 

SES believes that all organisations should be prepared for any eventuality. That’s why we include disaster recovery as part of our digital forensics service, ensuring you’re ready to respond in the event of a breach. 

Why is Digital Forensics important?

Supporting the recovery process post breach

SES’s digital forensics service should form an integral aspect of your organisation's recovery plan. By performing the forensic analysis you can ensure you have the data, facts and ability to build a strong narrative to support your case.

Limit your operational downtime

Competent incident response handles in an efficient manner is the key to minimising operational downtime and helping to swiftly restore your business operations post-breach.

Follow ACPO guidelines

Digital Forensics evidence used to support your claim which does not adhere to ACPO Guidelines could compromise your claim, leaving your evidence inadmissible.

Clients we've helped

Our expertise. Your questions answered

What’s the easiest thing to implement in my office?

There are many controls every organisation should put in place to ensure good defence against cyber threats - from the basics like using anti-virus, email filters and firewalls, to more in-depth activities, like Penetration Testing and Phishing Assessments. One of the basic controls you can implement easily in both your professional and personal lives is good password hygiene. In some cases, your password is often the only thing keeping cyber criminals away from your sensitive information; length is the primary factor when creating a strong password—the longer it is, the more guesses will be needed by hackers to get it right.

Am I investing my Cyber Security budget correctly?

You could take a blanket approach and cover every possibility, but that’s an expensive strategy and your Finance Manager or CFO probably wouldn’t be happy to spend money unnecessarily. Every business faces different threats, so what the organisation in the next office needs to defend against isn’t necessarily what you need to invest in. It’s important to get an understanding of your threat profile and align that with the risks you’re willing to take (or not take). From there, you can decide what you should be investing in.

How do I educate my team to handle cyber threats?

The cyber threat is ever-changing and even with the best technical defences in place, the end-users (i.e. humans) are usually the weakest link. That is not to say that cyber security should only be non-technical, but it is important to have the right balance. Knowing where to start for cyber security generally can be difficult and working out what your team needs to know is a bit overwhelming. Like knowing where to invest your budget, how you train your team also starts with understanding your specific threats.

What do I do when something goes wrong?

Frustratingly, you’ve put in place all these useful security controls, but with the threats changing so often, keeping up can be hard. Therefore, it’s important to have the mindset that, it’s not about if you get breached, it’s about when you get breached and then how you handle it. Having a plan in place will ensure the consequences of a breach don’t undo of all your hard work in developing your organisation and building your reputation. 

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