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Our Partners

SES has formed alliances with leading partners to provide you with industry-leading solutions to the problems faced by your business.

Our partners

Iron Mountain

Since 2009 SES have utilised DRS, our secure off-site storage partner. DRS was recently acquired by Iron Mountain and we continue to provide our clients with assurances that their valuable assets are secured to the highest standards possible.

Using Iron Mountains secure storage facilities enables SES to store our client's Escrow deposits offline in a purpose-built facility which adheres to strict guidelines for security, fire safety and environmental controls.

In addition to this, an added benefit to the customers of our partnership with Iron Mountain is that deposits can be quickly located, retrieved and delivered to SES if required. This provides our customers with complete control over their Escrow deposits. 

ANS Group

As one of the UK’s leading hosting and co-location providers, ANS support dedicated server hosting, critical applications and cloud hosting solutions.

This partnership allows SES to deploy powerful and scalable services with additional security and availability, which means that as SES’s client base grows, our infrastructure can scale effectively too.

Working with ANS enables SES to remain independent from the shared risks associated with public cloud infrastructure providers including; Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform. ANS provides us with the infrastructure to deploy our dedicated hardware, enabling us to deliver the specialised and targeted services that our clients are requesting.

Prolifics Testing

Since the inception of our Software Validation testing services in 2011. SES has always used Prolifics Testing (formerly E-Testing) to perform Validation Testing on our customer's Escrow deposits. 

Prolifics Testing specialises in Quality Assurance and Software Testing services for web and mobile, Functional Application Testing, Performance Testing and Test Automation. Their testing services are flexible and available on-demand, enabling our customers to access testing specialists and a professional testing function as required. 

Their unrivalled expertise and ISO: 27001 certification also ensures that our customers receive a seamless, high-quality service with maximum levels of security throughout their journey with SES. 


HelpSystems and GoAnywhere enabled SES to evolve our processes as our customer requirements changed and provided us with a centralised solution which enabled us to streamline, structure, encrypt and audit our client's data transfer.

They align IT and business goals to help organizations build a competitive edge. Their software secures IT environments, monitors and automates processes, and provides easy access to the information people need. More than 15,000 organizations in 100+ countries rely on HelpSystems to make IT lives easier and keep business running smoothly.


PGI is an internationally recognised consultancy service provider in digital (cyber) security and digital information exploitation (intelligence). PGI equips corporate organisations and governments to manage the risks associated with operating in the 21st Century. PGI provides:

  • Internationally certified services, including security (penetration/red-team) testing, information assurance, incident response, digital forensics and open source threat exploitation.
  • Consultancy on the design, development and implementation of organisational maturity, governance and operating models.
  • Provision of focused geographical, investigative or social media intelligence to inform organisational risk management and corporate decision making.   
  • Consultancy and delivery of building of internal/in-house digital security skills capacity.

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