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An industry first from SES

Continuity and disaster recovery

Continuity 365

Major enhancement to software and Data Escrow

Continuity 365 is an industry first and allows you to rapidly recover your third-party hosted, SAAS or on-premises applications in the event of an unforeseen disaster or interruption.

Why would you need Continuity 365?

Your key software supplier suffers failure. For those using SaaS or cloud systems, the first and only sign can be the complete loss of your system and all your data. Fortunately, you’ve planned ahead. You have an Escrow. You’ve dug out the contract, sent in the paperwork. You’re ready to receive the key assets that will keep your business going. So what happens now?

To protect the supplier, Escrow Agreements have a timeframe built into the release process that gives the supplier right of denial. The Escrow Agent cannot release until this expires. How long is it? Could be anywhere from 7-30 days. 7 days without a mission critical system! 7 days without taking orders, or without fulfilling services or without meeting customer expectations. And that’s before you even get everything from Escrow. It could take much longer to put it together and get back to work. This can have huge consequences from the regulator, on the bottom-line and on the brand.

That’s why SES created C365. This revolutionary service provides the fastest recovery of any Escrow supplier. The interim release service means we can get you back up and running the same day you send in the paperwork. And the managed recovery service means you don’t have to lift a finger. Don’t have to scramble for a new supplier. Don’t have to terrify your IT team. Don’t have to find emergency budget. SES manages the recovery process for you. And it’s been tested so you know it works. Now that’s planning ahead! That’s resilience, faster.



Guarantee hosted applications can be restored quickly

Our Continuity 365 service is a bespoke disaster recovery solution. When called upon, SES will be responsible for rapidly recreating the working service on your behalf.

Continuity 365

Assurance most complex applications can be rebuilt

Independent reporting and deployment validations provide the assurances that even the most complex applications can be rebuilt in its native environment.

Continuity 365

Confirms the application functions correctly

Functionality testing carried out on the recovered application during each deployment validation ensures your application works as intended.

Continuity 365

Rapid access to the service and all data

Rapid access to the service and all of the data which is independently secured and updated under the agreement.

Continuity 365

Trusted by over 2500 clients worldwide

Accenture Airbus Aldi Amtrak Barclays Bentlay Boots Cannon Europe Capita Credit Suisse DHL Dunelm Eon Imperial Tesco Bank

Continuity 365 vs Software Escrow

Software Escrow
(inc. Validation)
Legal right for continued use Yes Yes
Secures all source code and user data Yes Yes
No limits on code and data upgrades Yes Yes
Deployment (independant of supplier) Yes Yes
Provides rapid deployment Yes No
No Licensee resources required Yes No
Managed business continuity Yes No
Application hosting Yes No
No delay to access your application Yes No
Live reporting Yes No

Major enhancement to Software and Data Escrow

Standard Escrow Agreements go some way to mitigating risk by providing access to source code, all data and associated materials, However, it is important to understand that the software user, not the Escrow provider, is responsible for recreating the service in the event of a release under the Escrow terms. Continuity 365 from SES addresses these issues.

Our expertise. Your questions answered

Why do I need Continuity 365? Toggle

If your business relies on 3rd party developed, business critical applications, and the supplier were to suffer failure. Your business would have no control over the continuation of the service you have invested in and rely upon, but also the data held with the hosting partner. The loss of data can often be more devastating than the loss of the service. Combined, they can have detrimental effects on a business financially, operationally and their reputation. Continuity 365 prevents this from happening.

What is the difference between an Escrow solution and Continuity 365? Toggle

Standard SaaS Escrow Agreements go some way to mitigating risk. They typically provide access to source code, all data and through Validation/Verification. However, it is the software user, not the Escrow provider, who is responsible for recreating the service in the event of release under the Escrow terms. This can be challenging with software users having to secure resources and expertise without knowing when they will be needed. With Continuity 365, SES will be responsible for rapidly recreating the working service on your behalf, and provide a period of service continuity, typically 6 months.

This is our core application and has a lot of data – won’t the recovery time be too long? Toggle

Perhaps, but the amount of time it takes to recover the application and your data with C365 SaaS Disaster Recovery Solution can be as little as 1hr to 24hrs vs 7-30 days with a standard Software Escrow solution, or not at all if an Escrow solution doesn’t exist.

What if the software suddenly becomes unavailable, but the supplier is still active, or has yet ceased to exist? Toggle

C365 provides a real-time Interim Release that allows for temporary access, but also bridges the gap between initiating the release process and its completion. This protects you and ensures the business can continue to operate without disruption until the initial problem is resolved, or a release process finalises. SES will set out the timeframe for operating the Interim Release and once the release has been confirmed, Continuity 365 would become fully operational.

How can I be sure the recovery plan will work when I need it the most? Toggle

The software and your data will be securely automated to SES in real time which enables SES to assure a prompt deployment. We achieve this by validating, testing and deploying the application repeatedly in the hosted environment. Independent reports compiled and deposited in Escrow along with the complete code deposit providing assurances that even the most complex applications can be rebuilt in their native environment and that it operates and functions correctly at the time you need it.

We have API connectors and IOS/Android apps that connect to the platform. Will they be captured as part of the recovery process? Toggle

Yes, we are also able to capture the necessary elements of any associated 3rd party API connectors that work alongside the core platform, to ensure that everything remains the same.

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