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"SES ensured a clean, cost effective and professional service"

"Protecting our most critical applications is very important to the continuity and operation of our organisation. Utilising the comprehensive Escrow services available by SES will not only secure our software in Escrow but ensure it is tested and useable in the event we ever need to call on it. SES ensured a clean, cost-effective and professional service which provides the right protection for us for the future." 



The NHS contract the development of critical software application to the third-party developer specialising in EQA Programmer Management.  As part of the contractual requirement SES we requested to propose a Software Escrow Solution to ensure the application deposited in Escrow was complete, accurate and can be redeployed effectively in the event of supplier failure.



SES proposed an Individual Software Escrow Agreement between the three contracted parties based on a number of bespoke contractual requirements needed to ensure the Escrow Agreement was fit for purpose.  As part of this process SES delivered a Remote Source Code Validation exercise which ensured that in the event of a release, the application and data can be redeployed in a third-party environment.



The NHS have complete peace of mind that what is held under Software Escrow is complete, accurate and can be redeployed using SES’s comprehensive Remote Code Validation testing report which provides a complete and documented Audio and Visual build report. 



The National Health Service in the United Kingdom includes NHS England, NHS Scotland, NHS Wales, and the affiliated Health and Social Care in Northern Ireland

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