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"Ensures our client’s services and operations will continue"


Motion Software has developed the next generation of inspection and compliance software for assessing objects in the field and as a back-office tool to produce comprehensive reports for their clients. Hosted in the cloud, this system provides robust access to critical and detailed information for the purposes of complex on-site auditing. A specialist engineering and technology insurance, inspection and consultancy services provider, engaged Motion Software to provide this system with customisations to suit their specific business requirements. The system would be responsible for co-ordinating, managing and updating the jobs of hundreds of engineers in the field and once implemented, would be fundamental to the business operations of the client. For such an important system, the client required Motion Software to provide services that not only secured their investment but provided for a full recovery of the service if Motion Software ceased to operate. The client was keen to stress that, as a fast-growing organisation with limited IT resources, they would not have the technical resources and knowhow to take responsibility for their own recovery.


SES provided a Continuity Escrow Agreement that not only secured the key elements of the system (e.g., system source code, client data, documentation etc.) but committed SES to perform the recovery and provide access to the service for an 8-month period of continuity. As part of the service, SES repeatedly simulated the recovery exercise with the client joining functionality testing to confirm the recovery from Escrow met their expectations and provided the on-going continuity they needed. 


Motion Software secured a long-term client that embraced their market-leading, SaaS platform as a fundamental part of their business. The client was able to take advantage of Motion Software’s expertise and extend the relationship, knowing that even if a disruption event did occur, their continued use of this fundamental system was secured with SES Secure.


'SES implemented Continuity Escrow that includes a managed-recovery service that ensures our client’s services and operations will continue.'


Motion Software has developed the next generation of inspection and compliance software. By using the latest technology and an intuitive design, it offers total control over your inspection compliance processes.

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