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A History Of Simplicity & Security

Published on 29/01/2020

Software Escrow needn’t be complex or difficult to introduce within your business. It’s designed to provide business continuity by protecting against unforeseen circumstances and, as we see it, more organisations should put it at the top of their priority list.

At SES we’ve spent almost 2 decades challenging the Software Escrow industry and striving to provide our clients with a simpler and more secure way of protecting their businesses. Some of the ways we’ve achieved this include:

  • Creation of the Master Multi Licensee Agreement – Designed specifically for developers with multiple clients using Software Escrow protection to consolidate all of their Escrow coverage under a single agreement, reducing their cost and administration.
  • Creation of the Master Services Agreement – Designed for end users with multiple applications which require Software Escrow to consolidate all of their protection under a single agreement, again reducing cost and administration.
  • Becoming ISO: 27001 Certified – SES is one of only two Software Escrow providers in the UK to hold ISO: 27001 certification which protects the processing and transfer of your valuable information within our business. In addition, we only work with third parties who hold their own ISO: 27001 certifications. Therefore, whether your information is being stored, processed or tested, you have assurances that it is being protected to the highest standard.
  • Introducing SFTP Depositing – Enables developers to provide a backup of SaaS application data as often as the application data changes. Updates can be scheduled to occur daily, weekly or monthly as required and can occur at periods of low traffic, simplifying the depositing process.
  • Pioneers of SaaS Escrow – Developed an industry leading SaaS Escrow solution which addresses the real needs of SaaS applications such as access to the most current version of application data and includes regular updates of data as standard, ensuring our clients can get the same high quality protection for their SaaS applications as on-premise equivalents.
  • Investing in £5 million liability indemnity insurance – SES offers the highest liability indemnity insurance in the UK Software Escrow sector (£5 million through Hiscox) offering the maximum protection out of any provider.
  • Creating Remote Code Validation – An SES testing consultant witnesses the full rebuild of your software application and creates a full audio/visual recording to ensure it can be accurately redeployed and simplifying the validation process as testers are no longer required to be on-site.
  • Becoming G-Cloud 11 Certified – Our Software Escrow solutions are government approved through the G-Cloud 11 framework, enabling public sector organisations to easily procure standard and SaaS Escrow solutions.

All of these accomplishments have been fantastic additions to our portfolio but they have been born out of taking an established norm, simplifying and enhancing security. For example, before SES created the Master Multi Licensee and Master Services agreements, businesses had to set up a new Software Escrow agreement for every client or software application they wanted to protect.

Whether you currently have Software Escrow protection in place and you’re looking for a better way, or you need to set up your protection but have been frustrated by the seeming complexity of doing so, SES is here to help. We do all the legwork on your behalf and our agreements are secured to the highest standards in the industry, for more information, please get in touch to speak to one of our specialists. 

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