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Independent Testing Makes Your Applications More Secure

Published on 06/11/2018

From marketing automation to finance or internal communications, organisations are using internal web applications every day that are critical to their business’s operation.

Whilst web applications offer considerable convenience due to circumventing the need for complex installations or update rollouts, their criticality to businesses and their ubiquity makes them a popular attack target. As a result, web applications security testing is essential.

According to the 2018 Verizon Data Breach Report, 18% of data breaches were web application related. The report also discovered that 68% of all breaches went undiscovered for months or more. This is a significant finding as the longer an attacker has access to your systems, the more disruption and damage they are able to achieve.

Breaking into web applications is a lucrative business for cyber criminals and the more applications they target, the further they are able to hone their methods and increase the sophistication of their attacks. This means that even if you follow best practices to protect against the common web application attacks listed in the OWASP top 10, this may still not be enough.

In addition, web applications can be so complex that they confuse automated scanning tools designed to detect intrusions automatically. This is why using tools alone is not a sufficient defence method.

By utilising third parties to perform application testing in addition to using automated tools, you can gain the greatest assurance that your organisations web applications are secured against cyber criminals. Furthermore, in this day and age where businesses are being affected by cyber attacks left right and centre, you can provide your customers with peace of mind that you have implemented industry best practices to ensure that their data is protected – increasing their confidence in you.

SES offers a complete range of web application testing services from standard web browser applications, mobile applications, thick client applications as well as web services API.

All of our application testing is conducted manually by best of breed testers, regardless of the application being tested. SES’s approach is always to fully analyse and understand the application before jumping in and looking for the OWASP top 10. Our belief is that each application is unique and therefore should be treated as such.

To further discuss the benefits of performing independent testing on your applications, or any other cyber security queries you may have, please get in touch and one of our specialists will get back to you within one business day.  

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