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Maximise Your Protection In Uncertain Times

Published on 25/03/2020

An increasing number of organisations rely on 3rd party developed, business critical applications which are delivered through a hosting provider such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform using a Software as a Service (SaaS) model. 

In many instances, the software supplier owns the relationship with the hosting provider and should the supplier be unavailable to support the service for any reason, you would be left with no control over the continuation of the service and would stand to lose not only the service which you have invested in and rely upon, but also your valuable data held within the application.

Think about the hosted applications you use on a daily basis to deliver for your customers and keep your business operational.

Picture your business without those applications, what does it look like? Are there are alternative applications available which perform the same role? Can they be implemented straight away? How much will they cost? How long will it take to train your staff to use the new application?

Losing access to applications which are business critical, highly customised, revenue generating or bespoke leads down a rabbit hole of cost, unanswered questions and ambiguity. However, SES is here to help you take away the uncertainty and help give you guaranteed business continuity in uncertain times.

Introducing the Licensee Continuity Plan

With standard Software Escrow agreements, you as the user, not the Escrow provider would be responsible for recreating the service upon release. However, this can be a challenging feat as it requires you to secure resources and expertise without knowing when you will need to call upon them.

The Licensee Continuity Plan from SES is different

This market-leading service is a live and functioning disaster recovery solution. When called upon, SES will be responsible for rapidly recreating the working service on your behalf. To guarantee the protections are effective, SES will simulate the recovery on an annual basis with the software user confirming its effectiveness. Following a confirmed release, the LCP will provide a guaranteed period of service continuity, typically 6 months. Providing invaluable time to make alternative arrangements – whether that’s bringing the service in-house or transitioning to a replacement. This period of continuity is built into the coverage from the start and guaranteed by SES. 

To speak to one of our specialists about your business continuity requirements and discuss maximising your protection to defend against uncertainty, please get in touch.

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