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OVH Data Centre Disaster: Time To Review Your Disaster Recovery Plans

Published on 17/03/2021

Do you have disaster recovery plans in place to recover from unforeseen circumstances? 

European Cloud Computing giant OVH have announced last week that a major fire has destroyed one of its Strasbourg data centres and damaged another. The disaster is estimated to have brought more than 3.5 million websites offline. 

As a precautionary measure, two other data centres at the site have also been shut down. Thankfully, nobody on site was reported to be injured.

In the wake of the fire, OVH Founder and Chairman Octave Klaba took to Twitter to recommend that its customers activate their disaster recovery plans. However, this leads on to a further issue this disaster exposed. 

Not Everyone Has A Disaster Recovery Plan

In 2018, Riverbank IT Management in the U.K. found that 46% of SMEs (small and mid-size enterprises) had no plan in place for backup and recovery. Most companies (95%) failed to account for all of their data, on-premises and in the cloud, in whatever backup plans they did have.

Without creating robust disaster recovery plans, how would you react to unforeseen situations which could disrupt or even cripple your business? What would you do in a situation where you lost access to all of your data? How would you bring your key systems back online in a timely manner if they failed? What would the impact be if one of your key suppliers was no longer available to support you? 

Protecting Against Loss Of Service & Data 

To protect against loss of service and data SES has partnered with Oriium to provide our customers with managed, enterprise level disaster recovery as a service. Protect your critical infrastructure without the hassle and cost of a traditional disaster recovery solution. Reduce your risk by taking advantage of cloud agnostic, geographically redundant storage and replication. 

Combine our disaster recovery solution with our Software Escrow agreements and protect your business against the unforeseen. 

Software Escrow Agreements permit an independent specialist to hold and test a copy of your applications source code to ensure it is accurate and complete; together with the relevant data the application can be swiftly redeployed in the event of a failure.

In the event of supplier failure, all material required for the successful redeployment of the application can be accessed through the Escrow agreement, guarding against service disruption and providing continuity of service.

SES’s Software Escrow Agreements are designed to be flexible and protect businesses' against every possible outcome. Whether you have one application or many, if they are hosted in the cloud or installed on-premise at your site, SES can provide the best protection to suit your business needs.

To speak to one of our specialists about your business continuity requirements, please get in touch.

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