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Secure your Software with SES

Published on 05/09/2023

With the rapid digital transformation across industries, software solutions are not only driving innovation but also posing unique challenges for cyber security. Software escrow services, like those provided by SES, can play a significant role in a comprehensive cyber security strategy aligned with the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Cyber Security Framework.

The NIST Framework provides a robust roadmap for organisations to manage and mitigate cyber security risks effectively. SES’s software escrow solutions can integrate seamlessly into this framework, offering unparalleled protection for your business-critical applications.


SES can help organisations identify their critical software applications and dependencies that must be protected. Through a detailed understanding of the software's inner workings, we can assist businesses in identifying potential risks and vulnerabilities, enabling proactive risk management through Software Escrow Agreements.


SES’s software escrow solutions protect intellectual property rights of software developers while assuring end-users about the availability of the source code, data, build and deployment plans should the provider no longer be able to maintain the software. Our robust escrow agreement protects your software assets, ensuring the continued delivery of your critical services.


Our escrow solutions allow the prompt detection of any disruption in the software vendor's ability to maintain the product by using the Material Breach Release Events in the Escrow terms. We ensure any changes to the vendor's status trigger an appropriate response to maintain software availability.


In the event of a software vendor's failure, SES Secure responds swiftly to release the source code to the licensed end-user, ensuring minimal disruption to their operations. Our experienced team works diligently to ensure a smooth transition, mitigating the impact of a vendor's unavailability.


SES’s software escrow solutions help businesses recover after an incident. By providing access to the source code, associated data build manuals and deployment protocols, we enable businesses to restore their capabilities, ensuring the continuity of services that depend on the software.

By integrating SES’s software escrow services into the NIST Framework, organisations can ensure a resilient cybersecurity posture. We enable businesses to remain secure, compliant, and operationally effective in today's dynamic digital landscape.
Secure your software, secure your business. Choose SES for a reliable software escrow solution that complements your cybersecurity strategy.

For more information, please contact our Software Escrow specialist Mark Ryan on +44 7458 002554 or via email to [email protected] 


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