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Seven Strategies To Protect Your Data

Published on 23/10/2019

Over the course of the previous few articles SES has outlined the strategies attackers use to breach your systems and networks to steal your valuable data.

In this article we look to outline seven tactics you can implement to boost your organisations cyber security, avoid these vulnerabilities and protect your valuable information.

1. Bring Your C-Level Suite On Board With Cyber Security Plans

Gaining support from your C-Suite (CEOs, CIOs, CISOs etc.) will help ensure your IT and security teams have the funding and resources required to implement and maintain a strong security posture throughout your organisation.

Without this support it is difficult to gain the backing to ensure the security infrastructure your organisation needs can be implemented.

2. Download Your CIS Top 20 Controls

Pull your CIS top 20 controls down and perform an unbiased review of your network. This places you in a strong starting position and will help you highlight the areas which require improvement.

3. Encrypt Your Data

Encrypting your organisations valuable data, whether it’s in transit or at rest stored on a server should be one of the most important practices in your organisation’s cyber security arsenal.

If you haven’t yet, consider building a strategy which will encrypt your files and data transfers.

4. Identify Your CVDs

Take a risk-based management approach to your Critical Value Data.

5. Evaluate Any Contractors BAs or Vendors You’re Using

Its essential that you vet your supply chain to ensure that they are following cyber security best practices to ensure any of your sensitive data which they handle or process is protected.

It’s also important to check your supplier’s credentials to ensure outside parties only have access to the information they require to complete their role.

6. Create Data Breach And Incident Response Plans to Follow In The Event Of An Emergency

No organisations can attain total breach prevention; the question is not if your organisation will suffer a breach but rather when.

However, this doesn’t mean your organisation is destined to pay substantial fines and lose large amounts of data. With a robust cyber security and incident response plan in place you have the ability to quickly and efficiently contain, eradicate and remediate a security incident before it has the opportunity to take hold.

7. Educate your Employees On Good Cyber Hygiene

Your employees are often your first line of defence when it comes to cyber threats as over 90% of attacks originate through phishing emails.

Investing in your employee’s education to provide them with the knowledge and to identify and avoid falling for phishing threats will significantly increase your organisations security posture.

In this day and age, it has become essential that your business locks its systems and networks down as you would your doors and windows. Attackers are constantly searching for vulnerabilities to leverage in order to gain access to your network, steal valuable or sensitive information and cause damage and disruption.

SES can help you build these defences, enabling you to identify threats before they can take hold and give you the tools to quickly contain and remediate in the event your defences are breached. For more information on how SES can help you strengthen your organisations defences, please get in touch to speak to one of our specialists. 

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