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Understanding ISO 27001:2022's Emphasis on Software Escrow

Published on 03/10/2023

The Information Security Management landscape is always evolving. To ensure that ISO standards stay ahead of emerging threats and best practices, regular updates are made. In its recent iteration, ISO 27001:2022 has highlighted the role of Software Escrow in fortifying the information security framework for organisations.


Why did ISO 27001:2022 spotlight Software Escrow?

  1. Emerging Software Dependencies: Modern organisations increasingly rely on third-party software solutions. This dependency can introduce vulnerabilities, especially if the software vendor faces unforeseen business challenges.
  2. Ensuring Business Continuity: Disruption of vital software services can lead to significant operational setbacks. Escrow agreements safeguard against this by ensuring access to the software's source code under predetermined conditions.
  3. Building Trust in Outsourcing: With the rise of outsourced software development, ISO 27001:2022 recognises the importance of mechanisms that foster trust and ensure protection for both parties.


Incorporating Annex A 8.30: Aligning with Software Escrow Best Practices

ISO 27001:2022’s Annex A 8.30 provides guidance on ensuring outsourced development aligns with an organisation’s information security requirements. Key factors from this annex relevant to Software Escrow include:

  • Escrow Agreements: One of the essential considerations is to protect the source code of software with escrow agreements. This offers security against situations like an external supplier ceasing to operate.
  • Documentation and Assurance: It's vital to document how the supplied software or IT system has been tested for malicious content, ensuring minimum privacy and security requirements. Assurance reports can also demonstrate these compliances.
  • Audit Rights: The annex suggests that, as part of agreements, organisations should have the ability to audit the development process and controls. This is in line with the transparency that software escrow agreements often facilitate.


The Importance of Software Escrow in Today's Digital Landscape:

  • Risk Mitigation: With a software escrow agreement, businesses can ensure they are prepared for scenarios outlined in ISO 27001:2022’s Annex A 8.30, such as vendor insolvency or disputes.
  • Operational Stability: By ensuring access to the source code under stipulated circumstances, software escrow ensures continuity of software maintenance and operations.
  • Enhanced Vendor Relationships: A transparent escrow agreement adheres to ISO 27001:2022's guidance on fostering trust and ensuring a balanced partnership.


Enter SES: Over Two Decades of Ensuring Software Security

As the digital landscape evolves, safeguarding software investments becomes paramount. SES, boasting over 20 years in Software Escrow, crafts agreements aligning with modern business needs and standards like ISO 27001:2022. Our dedication to the industry and our clients’ safety and success makes partnering with SES a strategic imperative in the current digital era.

Reach out to SES today to ensure your software investments are compliant, shielded, and future-ready at [email protected]



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