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You Don’t Need To Be Targeted To Be Attacked

Published on 21/11/2018

Every business needs to have Cyber Security on its strategic agenda.

Security breaches on organisations are a case of when, not if, as malicious individuals are constantly scanning the internet for websites with vulnerabilities, looking for opportunities to steal anything from your intellectual property to client information.

From one man bands to businesses with a million employees, every organisation is at risk from a cyber attack and the best place to start with protecting your organisation is to perform a Penetration Test.

Penetration Testing involves highly accredited security consultants mimicking the actions of a criminal hacker. Penetration Testers will attempt to hack your network and exploit vulnerabilities in your company’s infrastructure, applications, people and processes to demonstrate how you could be breached, but without the dangers of a real-life breach.

Performing a Penetration Test on your business demonstrates the level of security for your key systems and infrastructure, identifying any weaknesses and enabling you to resolve them before a hacker can breach your networks and create potentially disastrous consequences for you and your customers.

When discussing your organisations cyber security, it is easy to bury your head in the sand and say “it won’t happen to me” or “my organisation is too small to be targeted”. However, every organisation is at risk and the organisations that haven’t invested in any measures to improve their cyber security posture are the easiest targets for cyber criminals.

Industry best practice recommends that all organisations should perform a Penetration Test at least once a year and after each major change to your infrastructure or web estate. This helps you to draw a line in the sand as a benchmark to improve upon. However, Penetration Testing only provides a snapshot of the weaknesses and vulnerabilities which exist at that particular moment in time.

Regular Penetration Testing is also a key requirement of various regulations including PCI:DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard). Regular testing is fundamental to ensuring that your organisations defences are prepared to withstand a range of attacks.

To increase your organisations security posture a blended approach to Penetration Testing with regular Vulnerability Assessments throughout the year either quarterly or monthly as this will provide you with a clear indication of your organisations true security posture.

SES recognise that every organisation faces different challenges and has different requirements when it comes to Cyber Security. We offer a simple, cost effective and flexible approach to information security and our highly qualified consultants will work closely with you to gain an understanding of your unique requirements and help you implement and improve your organisations security strategy.

Next week we will be expanding on the importance of utilising a blended approach to security testing to provide advice on how to further improve your organisations security posture.

To discuss your organisations security posture in more detail and discover how Penetration Testing can benefit your business, please get in touch to speak to one of our specialists.

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