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“30% savings on cost and administration”

‘’Transferring over 30 clients to SES from our previous supplier was a simple, well managed, cost-effective exercise that provided not only 30% savings on cost and administration for our business but more importantly for our customers."



HSS already had a significant Escrow portfolio with over 30 clients when they began researching the market for a new provider. They were unhappy with their existing supplier, and SES was asked to pitch a solution to protect their large portfolio. 


Upon discussing their requirements with SES, it was clear a Master Framework Escrow solution would be the best agreement to protect HSS’s clients. The agreement only requires a single set up fee and HSS could bring all their existing and future clients under one agreement, significantly reducing administration. SES transferred all customers using the FTO (Free Transfer Offer), non-signature process and cleaned up all previous deposits to ensure everything was up to date and managed accurately in the future.


SES solution enables HSS to protect all their customers under a single Software Escrow Agreement. SES also provide HSS with accurate account management, depositing process, fixed pricing, reduced invoicing, spend and administration giving them a reduction of 30% in all areas of the Escrow account.


Wellbeing has combined the extensive UK resources and unparalleled experience in specialist divisions including HSS to form Wellbeing Software, uniting our core businesses to enable customers to build on existing investments in IT as a way of delivering connected healthcare records and better patient care.

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