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How Do You Ensure Your Business Continuity In 2019?

Published on 13/11/2018

In this day and age, the continuity of your business is consistently at risk from factors outside of your control.

Many organisations are heavily reliant on applications either installed on site or hosted by a third party to perform business critical tasks such as CRM, Finance and Logistics applications . Entire businesses are built around particular applications and without them the business would find it very difficult to continue trading.

In addition, the last decade has seen an unprecedented increase in security threats as malicious individuals target businesses with the intention of securing greater payouts (recent examples include 2017’s high profile ransomware attacks and the numerous data leaks experienced in the first half of 2018).

Whilst it is easy to say “it wont happen to me” or “my business is too small to be targeted” the truth is that businesses of all sizes are at risk every single day and the organisations with no business continuity plans in place are those which will be worst affected when their supplier ceases to support their applications or their organisation is breached.

So how do you keep your business functional in the event your software vendor fails to support their application? How do you mitigate the threat of cyber attacks against your organisation? Finally, if these threat to your business manage to take hold, how do you minimise their impact?

Software Escrow and SaaS Escrow agreements can protect you against the threat of your software vendor being unable to support your critical applications. Under the terms of the Escrow agreement, an independent 3rd party is permitted to hold and test a copy of the applications source code (and data in the case of SaaS applications) to ensure that it can be swiftly and accurately redeployed into a working application should a pre-agreed trigger event occur.

To protect your organisation against the threat of malicious cyber attacks, it is wise to invest in cyber security services ranging from Penetration Testing right through to Cyber Defence and Security Training.

By delivering a range of Software Escrow and complimentary Cyber security services, SES believe we are providing our clients with a complete assurance solution to protect their businesses. To further discuss your assurance requirements, please get in touch to speak to one of our specialists.

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