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The Adoption Of SaaS Has Changed Your Customers Preferences

Published on 13/02/2018

A recent study by Keystone Strategy discovered that customers preferences when procuring software applications have changed.

Customers are increasingly adopting applications delivered through a SaaS model as buyers begin to consider the total ownership costs, ease of use and flexibility in their purchase decisions. This shift in attitudes represents a huge opportunity for Software Vendors to fundamentally transform their business to deliver greater value to customers, sell software to a broad range of customers, and streamline their internal operations.

The report discovered that Software Developers who developed a SaaS version of their software were able to deliver additional value to their customers including:

Drive product improvements through collecting customer usage data providing detailed insights into pain points while aggregated data sets enable benchmarking and rapid improvement of products.

The study also found that Software Vendors who made the transition to SaaS applications also reported significant operation benefits including:

As you can see, this transition towards delivering your services through a SaaS model has significant advantages. However, as SaaS applications are hosted in the cloud and have no typical infrastructure, your customers still have concerns that in the event of supplier failure, there could be an immediate loss of service which could be catastrophic to their organisation.

To help you address these customer concerns, SES have developed a series of Secure SaaS Escrow agreements. Designed specifically for applications which are delivered through a SaaS model, these agreements are intended to provide your customers with the assurances that their investments and business continuity are protected and give them the confidence to choose you as their preferred supplier.

To find out how our Secure SaaS Escrow agreements work and discover the benefits they can provide to your organisation, please get in touch and one of our specialists will get back to you within one business day.

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