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Software Resilience and the Pivotal Role of Software Escrow

Published on 14/09/2023

In today's digital age, resilience is not just a luxury but a necessity. It's about ensuring the uninterrupted performance of software systems and applications, regardless of unforeseen events. This form of resilience, or "software resilience," is critical for businesses that rely on software applications for their day-to-day operations. 

Understanding Software Resilience

Software resilience is the capability of a software system to respond and recover rapidly from disruptions, ensuring continuous service delivery. This capability becomes more vital as we increasingly rely on digital services, especially in critical sectors such as healthcare, finance, and energy.

The consequences of software outages can be crippling. Whether it's a financial loss, reputation damage, or operational disruptions, the importance of maintaining uninterrupted software service can't be overemphasised.


SES Escrow: Bolstering Software Resilience

For businesses seeking an effective way to ensure software resilience, SES Escrow offers a comprehensive solution. Here's how SES Escrow fortifies your software resilience:

  1. Basic Escrow Solutions: At its core, an escrow arrangement involves storing the source code of the software and data with a third-party escrow agent. In unforeseen circumstances, where the software provider is unable to maintain the software, the source code and data are released to the licensee, ensuring the software's continuous function.
  2. Validation Options: SES Escrow's validation services ensure that the deposited source code is complete, accurate, and can be rebuilt into a working application a long side the data. This step is crucial. Without validation, there's no guarantee that the software source code stored in escrow is useful.
  3. Continuity 365: Beyond basic escrow solutions, SES Escrow offers Continuity 365, a pioneering SaaS Continuity service. This service acts as a disaster recovery solution. In the event of a software crisis, SES takes charge, swiftly recreating the working service on behalf of the Licensee. After a confirmed release, Continuity 365 guarantees a set period of service continuity. This assurance provides businesses with the precious time needed to devise alternative arrangements, be it transitioning the service in-house or shifting to a different provider. This continuity is an integral part of SES's offerings from the outset.
  4. Cyber Security Services: Software resilience isn't only about continuous service. It's also about ensuring that the software is secure from threats. SES Escrow's Cyber Security Services, including Penetration Testing, ensure that software vulnerabilities are identified and rectified before they can be exploited.

The SES Advantage

For many businesses, software resilience remains an elusive goal. This is where SES stands out, bridging the gap between software resilience needs and tangible solutions. With SES, businesses are not just investing in escrow solutions but ensuring the very backbone of their operations remains robust and unyielding to disruptions.

In conclusion, in our interconnected world where software drives almost every facet of businesses, ensuring software resilience becomes paramount. And with partners like SES, businesses can navigate this landscape confidently, backed by world-class services tailored to fortify software resilience.

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