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"An effective solution to meet the requirements of three separate organisations"


Namaka Compliance reached out to SES in search of an Escrow repository for source code which they owned the IP too. The platform is licensed by a Namaka customer but is developed by an external third-party development company, therefore the agreement had to satisfy three separate organisations.


SES took one of their on-premises Escrow agreements and amended the clauses in such a way that it allowed for three organisations to be part of the agreement. The responsibilities of each party were outlined in the agreement to ensure all involved were satisfied and understood their roles in delivering and maintaining the Escrow assurances. The arrangement allows for an unlimited number of deposits per annum with Basic Validation Reports being produced on a 6 monthly basis, proving to Namaka’s client that those responsibilities are being adhered to.


Namaka’s customer now has the reassurance that access to the platform source code is available in the event the Escrow is triggered. Having the external third-party developer written into the contract means that the source code can be deposited directly on an unlimited basis and ensures SES always holds up to date materials, releasing that responsibility from Namaka as the IP owner.

“SES implemented an effective solution to meet the requirements of three separate organisations.”


Through their Outsourced Competence Assurance Support Services, Namaka’s aim is to implement and maintain Competence Management Systems for energy sector organisations, allowing them to focus on day-to-day operations.

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