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As Numerous High Profile Firms Suffer Major IT Disruption, Is Your Business Protected?

Published on 06/06/2017

In recent weeks we have witnessed a number of significant disruption events affecting high profile organisations across the globe. From the WannaCry ransomware attack affecting the NHS in the UK, Renault in France and FedEx in the United States, to the British Airways breakdown resulting from a catastrophic IT failure.

From blue chip organisations to small start-ups, every business is susceptible to disruption. However, for smaller businesses without the resources to quickly recover, these disruptions can be much more damaging and have a lasting impact.

How can you protect against the effects of disruption?

  • The first step is to assess your organisations limitations and weaknesses:
  • Do you have applications which are critical to the continuity of your business such as CRM, Financial and Logistics Software?
  • What would the impact be if you were unable to access these key applications? 

It is also important to assess whether you have applications which are reliant on each other, what would be the effect if one of these applications was disrupted?

To help you assess the risks within your organisation, we have consultants in-house who are EC Council Certified Ethical Hackers and can provide advice and consultancy to identify potential vulnerabilities in your environment and ensure it remains as secure as possible.

Once the risks have been identified it is important to create a contingency plan to protect against disruption.

An effective way of securing access to your business critical applications is to protect them with Software Escrow.

Securing the source code, data and all other relevant material for your critical applications in Escrow ensures that a clean copy of the application and data is stored off site and can be released to you if triggered. However, It is important that deposits are appropriately validated and updated in line with your use of the application to ensure deposits properly mitigate your risk and protect your business.

To find out more about how Escrow can form an integral part of your disaster recovery plan or speak to one of our consultants about our consultancy services, please get in touch and one of our specialists will get back to you within one business day. 

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