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How Do You Ensure Continuity For Business Critical Applications?

Published on 06/12/2018

In this week’s article we are discussing Software Escrow, how it works and the protections it offers to both users and developers of business-critical applications.

Software Escrow provides the mechanism for End Users of business-critical systems to legally access a copy of their source code in the event that the 3rd party software owner is no longer available to continue with the development and support of the application.

This solution is a simple way of ensuring the long-term availability of business-critical systems for end users whilst protecting intellectual property rights for software owners.

A Software Escrow Agreement allows an independent specialist to hold and test a copy of the application source code to make sure it is correct, complete and can be compiled independently in the event of a release. This protects End Users against the ‘what if’ scenarios and puts them in control of their 3rd party software investments, protecting against pre-agreed trigger events and offering assurances and continuity for the investments they make.

Because businesses have unique requirements when it comes to Software Escrow protection, SES have a library of standard framework agreements designed to suit every situation.

There are a significant number of benefits to both End Users and Developers of using Software Escrow protection, these include:

End Users benefits

Software Developer benefits

Next week we will be discussing Software Escrow for SaaS Applications delivered through a 3rd party ASP and debunking the myth that only traditional onsite applications can be protected with Software Escrow Agreements.

To discuss your Software Escrow requirements in more detail and discover how your organisation would benefit from the protection of a Software Escrow agreement,  please get in touch to speak to one of our specialists.

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