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How SES Empowers Logistics Companies

Published on 15/06/2023

The digital revolution has deeply permeated the logistics industry, leading to a heavy reliance on software solutions for various operations like inventory management, transportation, warehousing, order processing and delivery. While this digital transformation has increased efficiency and productivity, it also introduces an element of risk: What happens if your software vendor goes out of business or fails to provide the necessary support? This is where software escrow comes in.

As a leading provider in this field, SES provides robust Software Escrow solutions to secure your vital software assets, protecting your company from software vendor failure and potential supply chain disruption.

Understanding the Challenges:

  1. Vendor Dependency: Relying heavily on third-party software vendors can put logistics companies at risk if the vendor goes out of business or discontinues support.
  2. Software Access: Guaranteeing continued access to essential software, including their source code, is critical for business continuity.
  3. IP Protection: Intellectual Property (IP) related to your software needs protection against misuse or unauthorised access.


How SES Helps:

Reliable Software Escrow Solutions:

SES mitigates the risks associated with vendor dependency by holding a fully rebuilt copy of your critical software's source code in escrow. This ensures your business can maintain continuity even in unexpected scenarios like vendor bankruptcy or product discontinuation.

Guaranteed Software Access:

As your escrow partner, SES ensures you have secure access to your software and its source code if the release conditions in the escrow agreement are met. This guarantees your business continuity is unaffected.

Robust IP Protection:

SES respects and understands the significance of IP rights. Our software escrow services help protect your company's proprietary software rights while ensuring your critical software remains accessible to your operations.



As the logistics sector increasingly digitises its operations, the role of software escrow services from SES becomes ever more critical. By safeguarding your vital software assets, we empower your business to operate with confidence, knowing that your operations will continue uninterrupted, regardless of changes in your software vendor's status.

For logistics companies that wish to mitigate software vendor risk and safeguard their digital operations, the choice is clear: SES.

For more information, please contact our Software Escrow logistics specialist on +44 161 488 1404 or via email to [email protected] 

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