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Looking For An Alternative Escrow Provider? Transferring To SES Is Easier Than You Think

Published on 17/04/2018

As your organisation procures more third party applications to perform critical business functions and streamline operations, it is increasingly important for you to ensure that these applications are protected with Escrow and to assess whether your current Escrow protection meets your specific requirements.

Software Escrow Agreements permit an independent specialist to hold and validate a copy of your software applications source code, including all relevant documentation on your behalf. This ensures that what you have deposited is accurate, complete and can be compiled independently in the event of a release.

In essence, Software Escrow protects you against the ‘what if’ scenarios and puts you in control of your third party software investments, offering assurances that the continuity of your business is protected.

How Does Software Escrow Protection Benefit You?

Why Should You Choose SES?

In recent years a number of high profile clients have transferred their Escrow protection to SES, including: NHS, Arcadia and Network Rail

From working closely with our client base we have established that there are 5 key reasons our customers choose SES for their Escrow protection, these are:

  1. Free, fully managed transfer of their Escrow protection from their previous Escrow supplier over to SES.
  2. The ability to consolidate all of their Escrow protection under a single Master Services Agreement.
  3. Increased deposit frequency – 2 deposits per year as standard for our on premise Escrow agreements and unlimited depositing up to 100GB included as standard on all of our SaaS agreements.
  4. Frequent deposit reporting to ensure that the material held in Escrow matches your live system.
  5. Basic Validation testing on all deposits as standard. In addition, SES’s Remote Code Validation testing includes a complete audio and visual recording of the build process to ensure the code can be redeployed accurately in the event of a release.
  6. Up to 30% savings on standard rate card offerings against our equally accredited competitors.

If you are transferring an existing Software Escrow agreement to SES, you also have the option to maintain your existing terms if required. In addition, SES will manage the entire transfer process and set up your new agreement before your existing agreement expires, ensuring continuity of service.

If you are interested in transferring your Escrow protection to SES or would like to find out more about how our Escrow protection could benefit you, please get in touch to speak to one of our specialists.

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