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The Next Step In Simplifying Your Escrow Protection

Published on 05/02/2020

As we touched upon last week, SES has always focused on making Software Escrow simple and increasing our security. Simplifying Escrow so that more businesses can benefit from its protection and enhancing security to give our customers the confidence to secure their critical applications with us. We started SES in 2003 with the intention of challenging the industry norms, putting the customer first, offering great account management and delivering tailored solutions to our customers at an affordable price. 

Over the past 17 years, we’ve built on this and continuously expanded our offering to keep up with changing customer demands. SES continues to evolve its services and 2020 marks the next step in the journey to simplifying your Escrow protection.

To make it easy to choose the right protection for your business we’ve broken our core Software Escrow service into three distinct levels, making it easy for you to choose the protection you need. All of these Escrow agreements can be used to secure on-premise or hosted software applications, are secure to ISO: 27001 standards and include the highest indemnity liability insurance available (£5 million – provided through Hiscox). 

In addition, if you currently have Software Escrow protection in place with another supplier, SES’s free transfer offer enables you to transfer your full Escrow portfolio to SES at no additional cost. There are no setup fees and SES will manage the entire process on your behalf. 

3 levels of Software Escrow protection

Level 1 – Basic: This is the lowest form of protection we recommend to secure business applications.

Level 2 – Advanced: This is the most popular level of protection our customers choose. In addition to your Software Escrow agreement, code validation testing is included to ensure the application can be rebuilt accurately. We recommend this level of protection for applications which are business critical, bespoke or highly customised.

Level 3 – Complete: This is the full protection, it included everything from Level 2 but also includes the simulated release event which demonstrates the application can be swiftly and accurately redeployed in the event of a release. If your application is revenue generating we recommend this level of protection to reduce downtime in the event of a release.

For more information on these three levels of Software Escrow protection please click here:

If you are interested in beginning your Software Escrow journey with SES or you’d like to find out more information about our three levels of Software Escrow protection, please get in touch to speak to one of our specialists. 

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