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The Impact Of Over Reliance On Business Critical Applications

Published on 22/01/2020

Business applications are essential in today's world of work. In a world that’s always on, always pushing for the next insight, the next edge and the next innovation which gives us an advantage over our competition, business applications have helped us reimagine the workplace.

Business tools like Slack and SharePoint enable us to work without the constraints of a typical office, Xero and Sage provide us with the financial insights to help us make key business decisions, whilst Salesforce and Infusionsoft help us optimise our customer lifecycle.

These applications have become so critical to our continued success that a world without them is unimaginable. However, for those without a continuity plan for their business-critical applications, this is a very real reality in the event your developer is no longer able to support your application.

Think about your business, without a continuity plan for your business-critical applications what happens if your developer is no longer able to support them?

What if it was a hosted application you were no longer able to access and you lost all the data required to redeploy?

What if your application was turned off suddenly with no prior warning and you are left stranded?

How will your business continue trading in the meantime whilst you try to find a suitable replacement application?

Can you even afford to invest in a new application and do you have the time to train your staff to use it?

Thankfully, these potential challenges can easily be avoided by implementing Software Escrow protection within your business.

Software Escrow helps mitigate the withdrawal of service created by developer failure for organisations using on-premise and hosted applications.

Under the terms of the agreement, an independent Escrow Agent is legally permitted to hold and validate a copy of a software application’s source code, including all relevant documentation and regular copies of application data and updates from the application service provider in the case of SaaS applications on behalf of the software user (Licensee) which are stored securely in Escrow.

If the supplier is unable to maintain the service, all material required for the successful redeployment of the application can be accessed through the Escrow agreement and released to the Licensee so that they or an alternative 3rd party can continue to maintain the application guarding against service disruption and providing continuity of service.

In addition, to provide independent build documentation and evidence that the source code and other material held under each Escrow agreement compromises a complete and usable deposit, SES has developed a series of source code Validation Testing options.

SES has the technical expertise necessary to work with key software owners to conduct a range of audio and visual knowledge capture exercises designed around the needs of its clients. On completion of each exercise, a detailed independent report often referred to by our clients as a "Build Manual" is compiled and placed into Escrow along with the validated code deposit.

The independent report compiled by the SES testing consultant coupled with the audio and visual recording of the build enables an ASP to accurately redeploy your software application in the event of a release.

To find out more about minimising the impact of over reliance on business critical applications by utilising Software Escrow protection, please get in touch to speak to one of our specialists. 

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