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The Power of Escrow C365 in the Financial Sector

Published on 22/08/2023

Does the Financial Industry need Software Escrow?

In the financial industry, every transaction counts. The integrity, continuity, and compliance of your digital operations are vital, and any downtime is a costly disruption to even the smallest operations. 

Not only does downtime cost you money but erodes the trust your customers have in your services. At SES, we understand that keeping your business running is essential, and have solutions that keep you running at 100% all the time. 


What is Continuity365?

Continuity365 (C365) is SES’s new and groundbreaking Software Escrow solution. It safeguards your financial operations and ensures minimal disruption in the event of unforeseen technical issues, or any issues with a 3rd party provider. 

Our goal is to guarantee the swift restoration of your hosted applications, preserving your business operations, customer trust and legal compliance. 

But quick recovery isn’t all that C365 is capable of. It offers comprehensive protection for your business. Our bespoke Software Escrow solution assures you that even the most intricate applications can be reconstructed swiftly.

Independent reports are compiled and deposited in Escrow alongside your complete code to form a robust assurance and reporting process.  No matter how complex your systems are, we ensure your applications can be rebuilt in their native environment without interrupting your workflow.

How does C365 help keep a Business Running?

Many Escrow solutions are excellent at recovering data but do little to support a business after the recovery process is complete. If your business had a data leak, cyber attack or other issue, your workflow can still be affected even if no data was lost. 

We acknowledge the importance of verification post-recovery. SES conduct random functionality tests on the rebuilt application after the validation process, confirming the application operates correctly, so you can resume your operations with confidence. 

How does C365 help keep Data Safe? 

Software Escrow is all about preserving your data, and at SES we prioritise it above all else. Continuity365 ensures rapid access to all of your data, which is independently secured and updated under the agreement in real time. This means that there is never any delay if data needs to be recovered or if the services need updating. 


What is the Goal of C365?

Our goal is to equip your business with rapid deployment and seamless continuity. With C365 we guarantee minimal interruption and downtime, optimal functionality, and unparalleled data security. 


Why choose C365?

If you work in the financial industry, you know that upholding your reputation is key to rapid growth. SES Secure’s revolutionary C365 solution does more than just preserve your data but helps improve trust and relationships with your clients.  

Choose SES for your Escrow solutions, and secure your future with us today. 

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