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The Power of Software Escrow C365 in the Logistics Industry

Published on 26/07/2023

The logistics industry involves a wide range of diverse operations, from inventory management to order processing. All of these are connected by one thread: without effective software solutions, it all grinds to a halt. 


How do Software Solutions help Logistics? 

The benefits of using software solutions within a logistics business are vast. They help with communication, tracking and can even improve customer service. However, if a company chooses a 3rd party supplier for these solutions, there is an underlying risk. 

If your software supplier has an issue, your data could become inaccessible. This can be because of technical problems, cyber-attacks, or even financial difficulty. Whatever the issue is, it’s your operations that will be affected. 

In these situations, Continuity365, our flagship Escrow solution, steps in. 


What is Continuity365? 

Continuity365 (C365), is our industry-leading Software Escrow service. It is designed to rapidly recover your third-party hosted, SaaS, or on-premises applications in the event of a disruption. 

Unlike standard Software Escrow agreements, C365 goes a step further. It doesn’t just provide you with access to the source code, data, and associated materials; it recreates the working service on your behalf, providing a period of service continuity that typically lasts around six months. 

This, combined with the speed of the recovery process, means that your business operations will continue unhindered, even in the face of disaster. Knowing that these systems are in place gives you peace of mind, and you can take comfort in the knowledge that if the worst does happen, you won’t be left to pick up the pieces. 


How fast does C365 Recover Data? 

We already mentioned that C365 is faster at recovering data than other Escrow solutions, but how fast is it? 

To put it into perspective, a typical timeframe for asset recovery is around 7-30 days for other Escrow solutions. In the best-case scenario, you’ll be unable to operate properly for a week, but it can easily be a month. 

In comparison, C365 will recover your assets the same day you submit the paperwork. When we say the impact is minimal, we mean it. 


How does C365 Support a Logistics Business?

As well as mitigating vendor risk and recovering data quickly, C365 also manages the entire recovery process for you. This reduces strain on your IT team and avoids unexpected budgetary demands. 

ContinuityC365 is able to capture the necessary elements of any associated 3rd party API connectors that work alongside the core platform, ensuring everything remains the same post-recovery. We can rebuild even the most complex applications in their native environment. We do this by repeatedly validating, testing, and deploying the application in the hosted environment. 

Thirdly, C365 provides you with a detailed report of any incidents, outlining the vulnerability that was exploited and what the response was. This can then be supplied to your IT team, who can find any other similar issues and prevent another incident before it happens. 


How does C365 keep a Logistics Business Secure? 

In logistics, any disruption can have a domino effect, causing delays, lost revenue, and unsatisfied customers. Continuity 365 helps prevent such disruptions by giving you continuous access to your source code, data, and other applications whenever you need them. 

Your reputation is a key part of a growing logistics business. By offering our uninterrupted software services, your customers and clients will trust you more, as they know that any issues won’t affect them, and you provide the best customer service possible. 


Why choose C365?

As the logistics sector increasingly relies on digital solutions, ensuring the reliability and continuity of these systems is paramount. 

SES’s Continuity 365 service serves as an insurance policy for your vital software assets, protecting against vendor failure and supply chain disruptions. 

C365 offers far more than other Software Escrow solutions, giving you more peace of mind in addition to one of the best security and support services available. 

For more information, please contact our Software Escrow Logistics specialist on +44 161 488 1404 or via email; [email protected]


Adam Boland

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