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Simplicity, Scalability & Cost Effectiveness: Why End Users Are Choosing SaaS

Published on 13/02/2018

In this technologically advanced world we live in, businesses have become increasingly reliant on applications to perform critical business functions including CRM solutions, Payroll software and Logistics applications. 

However, with the widespread adoption of cloud servers, enabling applications to be delivered through a Software as a Service (SaaS) model, more end users are choosing to move away from traditional applications installed on their environment.

Below we have outlined four of the key benefits which encourage end users to make the switch to SaaS applications. 

1. Reduced Time To Benefit: Whereas traditional, installed applications require the end user to build a server, install the application and configure it, all before they can begin to use it. SaaS applications come installed, configured and ready for use. This significantly reduces the time spent installing and configuring the application.

2. Lower Costs: SaaS applications reside in a multitenanted environment where a number of users access the same application. This means hardware and software license costs are significantly lower than those associated with purchasing a traditional installed application. These lower costs also open up the application to a number of smaller organisations who otherwise would not have the resources to procure the application.

3. Scalability and Integration: SaaS applications reside in cloud environments which are scalable to the end users’ requirements and have integration with other SaaS applications. This makes SaaS applications much more flexible than traditional applications where additional servers and software are required in order to scale.

4. Upgrades: With a SaaS model, applications are upgraded as soon as upgrade become available to customers. The costs and effort associated with upgrades and new releases are much lower than with installed applications which usually force the end user to purchase an upgrade package and install it, or pay for specialised services to get the environment upgraded.

As you can see, the transition away from installed applications creates convenience for end users and offers a cost effective alternative to standard on-premise applications, but how have operation risks changed as a result?

Unlike locally installed applications where the infrastructure is stored on site, where in the event of vendor failure you would see a gradual decline in access to your applications, SaaS applications are delivered through web portals which are often either owned or provided by the vendor. This makes the impact of supplier failure or a breach of the license agreement much more immediate. In many instances, the first indication of a problem with your supplier is the complete withdrawal of access to your application and all associated data.

SES protect numerous organisations with hassle free Escrow coverage based on a high frequency of SFTP deposits to ensure the latest version of data is held on behalf of our clients. Given the dynamic nature of hosted applications and data generation, only a high frequency of deposits can prevent Escrow coverage from becoming obsolete.

If your business uses critical applications which are delivered using a SaaS model and you would like to find out more about how a bespoke SaaS solution can protect your business, please get in touch and one of our specialists will get back to you within one business day.

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