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A Single Agreement To Protect All Of Your Clients

Published on 27/03/2018

To your clients, Escrow is seen as a prerequisite when licensing critical applications from you as it secures their investments and guarantees access to the critical applications they depend on. Because of this, Escrow is also seen as an important factor in the decision making process in the minds of end users when procuring a new application and choosing between software developers.

Historically, some software vendors see Software Escrow as a hinderance rather than a help, creating extra work and administration. This is most notable in traditional, single user Escrow agreements which involve setting up a new agreement every time a new client requests Escrow protection. 

Here at SES we are challenging these outdated perceptions of Escrow. We believe that providing Escrow protection to your clients makes your products appealing and helps you build a long term, trusting relationship with your clients. This is why we have made our Escrow protection simple, hassle free and cost effective for you to provide to your clients. 

SES has achieved this by developing a Master Multi Licensee agreement. This template agreement can cover any and all clients on any software product with a single agreement for the lifetime of your business. 

Setting up a Master Multi Licensee agreement enables you to consolidate all your existing Escrow agreements under a single agreement, provide a standard set of release events for all of your Escrow beneficiaries, allowing you to deposit regular backups of your clients data, individually or across a group of clients if they are using the same version of the same application. Also, because you only have one framework agreement to cover all of your clients, your administration is significantly reduced and you will only receive a single invoice with an annual fee per licensee.

Advantages of setting up a Master Multi Licensee agreement to protect all of your clients include: 

If your business has multiple clients and you are looking to simplify your Escrow provision, please get in touch to speak to one of our specialists.

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