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Unlocking Business Potential: FuSeBMC-AI Tool Receives Funding

Published on 26/02/2024


In a significant boost for both academia and industry, a potential software spin-out driven by Alliance Manchester Business School (AMBS) and the Computer Science department at The University of Manchester, in conjunction with SES Secure Ltd has secured funding from the Innovation Factory.

The FuSeBMC-AI Tool

The FuSeBMC-AI tool, created by Dr. Lucas Cordeiro (Reader in Program Analysis and Cyber-Security) and Dr. Kaled Alshmrany from the Computer Science department, aims to address critical challenges in the coding sector. These challenges include security vulnerabilities, code quality, and plagiarism. For instance, small UK businesses face an alarming 65,000 cyberattacks daily, resulting in substantial financial losses. Additionally, developers spend nearly half their time dealing with maintenance issues and debugging poor-quality code.

The Positive Impact for Businesses

  1. Enhanced Source Code Security: The FuSeBMC-AI tool can significantly improve computer source code security. By identifying vulnerabilities, it empowers businesses to safeguard their software systems against cyber threats.
  2. Reduced Maintenance Burden: With the tool’s ability to spot weaknesses, businesses can proactively address code issues. This translates to reduced maintenance time, allowing developers to focus on innovation rather than firefighting.
  3. Operational Confidence: Any organization creating code wants assurance that it is safe. The FuSeBMC-AI tool not only detects vulnerabilities but also provides a pathway for repairing code. Operationalizing secure code becomes a reality.
  4. Adaptability through AI: The tool leverages artificial intelligence to calibrate itself to specific codebases. This adaptability ensures efficient vulnerability detection across diverse software architectures.


Next Steps

Thanks to the £30,000 funding from the Innovation Factory, the team will create a prototype of the FuSeBMC-AI tool. This step brings us closer to a future where businesses can confidently deploy secure and reliable software systems.



The collaboration between Alliance Manchester Business School, the computer science department, and the University of Manchester Innovation Factory marks an exciting opportunity. By constructing trustworthy software and AI systems, businesses can thrive in an increasingly digital and interconnected world. Reliability, availability, safety, resilience, and security are within reach.
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