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"Allows us to meet all legal and regulatory obligations"


GH Vive Limited was pursuing regulatory approval of their banking operations when major shareholders withdrew. With banking no longer going ahead, GH Vive needed secure and accessible storage for their IT assets. This included securing information that may be called upon for regulatory or legal purposes, HR data, software assets and domains.


Having worked with SES to protect their core CRM System, GH Vive knew SES provides the highest standards of security in the sector. SES implemented an asset management service that allowed for all important information to be secured, retrieved, and renewed as required. 


Through consultation with the experts at SES, GH Vive was able to secure all IT assets and meet all commitments and responsibilities.

“SES implemented Asset Management Escrow to secure our IT assets and allow us to meet all legal and regulatory obligations.”


GH Vive Limited (trading as Vive) was an emerging innovative bank, committed to meeting the financial needs of under-served customers. GH Vive Limited provided savings products, personal loans, and an open banking-based Money Manager app. GH Vive Limited was operating completely online without having a branch network.

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