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"SES provides us with a flexible and agile solution"

“Having a fully managed Escrow account and impeccable service levels were of the highest importance when we decided to transfer our Software Escrow Portfolio to SES. SES provides us with a flexible and agile solution that Datamere and our clients are very pleased with.”



Datamere provide GENUS© software which is the market-leading software solution for gas & electricity suppliers.  As part of the contractual delivery, Datamere is required to enter into Escrow Agreements with each Licensed user. Their current Escrow arrangement was expensive, inflexible and did not meet the service levels expected by them or their customers.



SES was contacted and asked to provide a detailed proposal on how they would deliver and manage the Software Escrow process but more importantly how they would manage the relationship between Datamere and their respective customers. 



SES produced a Master Framework Non-Signature Escrow Agreement and Service Level Agreement commitment to meet Datamere’s exact requirements.  Datamere, SES and all customers now have a clean, comprehensive and customer-focused Software Escrow Solution.



Established in 1998 as a software development company and involved with the gas industry from the word go, Datamere know just a little bit about how the energy supply industry works. Their team of customer-focused software engineers is dedicated to delivering excellence to the energy sector via the innovative products and services they've developed over the years.

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