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Continuity 365 Software Escrow


T4 UK approached SES for a Software Escrow and Business Continuity solution that would help them meet their risk requirements for their growing franchise business and protect them in the event of system or application failure. A key directive was to make the solution cost effective and easy to execute.


Working with both the developer and T4 to understand the SaaS technical infrastructure of the software platform SES delivered a C365 Business Continuity and Software Escrow service that provided a set process for re-stablishing the platform in an independent environment in the event of a Software Escrow release event and a Disaster Recovery scenario.


By using SES to manage the risk mitigation process, T4 UK can call upon the C365 Business Continuity Escrow solution that will rapidly restore the server and operating software to a new physical or virtual machine on their behalf resulting in minimal downtime to their daily operations.


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T4 was founded in Taiwan in 2004 with the philosophy of connecting people through a cup of tea. The T4 concept originated in a warm greeting between people. Their mission is to bring happiness to customers and their friends, in the UK and worldwide. They achieve this through our delicious cups of the finest quality Taiwanese bubble tea.

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