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Continuity 365 Software Escrow


Big Bus Tours approached SES to help protect their Google Cloud Based key booking and ticketing platform in the event of their supplier failing to support or fulfil their contractual obligations of the Software Licensing Agreement. Big Bus tours’ main requirement was downtime of the platform which had to be limited to the shortest amount of time possible for the business to continue on the platform.  


SES developed and delivered a C365 Software Escrow and Business Continuity Service by working with their developer to create a secondary Google Cloud Platform tenant that is tried and tested to recover in as little as one hour, whilst at a significant saving versus active-active replication setups. SES simulates the platform recover plan regularly to ensure the process is up to date and comprehensively documented.


Through transparent and frequent testing SES provide peace of mind for Big Bus Tours. The business continuity plan and Software Escrow Agreement are ready and optimised to be implemented in event of a Software Escrow trigger event and Disaster Recovery scenario. 


Big Bus Tours


Big Bus Tours is the largest operator of open top bus sightseeing tours founded in May 2011 after "Les Cars Rouges" and the "Big Bus Company" merged. The company operates in 23 cities of 11 countries with more than 150 buses around the world.

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