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"I have been very impressed with the service provided by SES"

"I have been very impressed with the service provided by SES. Without a lot of personal knowledge of this area, I felt safe leaving it to the professionals to arrange. The process of setting up the contracts was straightforward, made easier by the use of electronic documents and signatures. I am confident that the solution provided meets our company’s requirements." 



When Hitachi began their search for a Software Escrow provider, they had little prior knowledge of the industry and the protections available to them. They required a Software Escrow agent that could listen to and understand their unique requirements, and which had the knowledge and experience to provide the correct solution to fulfil their needs. 


SES was contacted and asked to provide a full proposal on how they would set up and manage the Software Escrow Agreement. A key requirement was that the process would be simple and straightforward to streamline the process for Hitachi. 


Hitachi now has a Software Escrow solution which is fit for purpose and requires minimal administration to ensure it meets their requirements as SES manage the entire process on Hitachis behalf. This gives Hitachi the confidence that they have a professional and secure Software Escrow Agreement to protect their business now and in the future. 


Hitachi Information Control Systems Europe (HICSE) is a UK-based provider of software products for railway signalling and operations, including simulators and automatic route setting systems. They are also the integrator of traffic management systems for the UK and European market.

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