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"Universal Escrow that protects all existing and future clients"


If what3words ceased to exist, thousands of businesses could face disruption. what3words was searching for business continuity services that would protect all clients and provide assurance that they could continue using the software if what3words was no longer available to support them. A traditional Escrow arrangement could protect an individual client but would be outside the reach of the vast majority of clients.


SES implemented a Universal Escrow Agreement that allows what3words to protect all existing and future clients with Escrow. This service has been specifically tailored to what3words and the business continuity requirements of their clients. The Universal Escrow allows all clients to be able to access the source code to the application, and also includes testing to ensure that the deposit in Escrow is accurate, complete and useful to all.


what3words has demonstrated its commitment to clients by securing a robust SES Software Escrow Solution for all. This assurance allows clients to invest in their relationship with what3words, knowing their business continuity planning priorities have been achieved.

“SES implemented Universal Escrow that protects all existing and future clients.”


what3words is a really quick and simple way to find, share and save exact locations. The system works by converting GPS coordinates to 3-word addresses (and vice versa), which can be used for e-commerce and logistics, vehicle navigation, emergencies and more.

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