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"Cost effective and accurate software escrow solution"


Wilton Bradley contracted a partner to build an API to integrate to NetSuite, which had various scripts that were locked.  They wanted to engage with SES to provide an Escrow contract that, in the event that the Partner was no longer able to support Wilton Bradley, Wilton Bradley would have full access to the API and be able to continue all services and operations.


SES liaised with both Wilton Bradley and the Partner to understand the requirement in detail and implemented an Escrow Agreement that allows Wilton Bradley to protect their investment and reliance on the solution. This service covered their business continuity requirements and provided the peace of mind they were looking for. 


Wilton Bradley has the comfort of knowing their investment and business is protected.  Each time the source code undergoes a significant upgrade, they contact SES and the latest copy of the source code is submitted to Escrow ensuring protections are always up to date. 

“SES took the time to fully understand our requirement and provide a cost effective and accurate software escrow solution.”


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