SES Privacy Policy

SES Software Escrow Solutions is the data controller for this data. SES Software Escrow Solutions is a company registered in England and Wales, Reg No. 06212299.


The Registered Office of SES Software Escrow Solutions is: 1st Floor, Chadsworth House, Wilmslow Road, Handforth, Cheshire, SK9 3HP. You can contact SES Software Escrow Solutions by telephone on 01614881400. The website of SES Software Escrow Solutions is


The data protection officer is contactable by email at or by post or telephone at the details shown above.


SES Software Escrow Solutions will keep the data about you for as long as it is believed to be accurate and up to date.


The categories of personal data are your name, job title, work email address, company name, work address and work telephone number. You may object to your data being used by us at any time.


We use your data on the legal basis of legitimate interest to create a commercial benefit by promoting Business services to you by direct marketing. We believe these communications should have a relevance for you in your professional capacity.


You have the right to rectify inaccuracies in the data, to request restriction of processing, to object to processing, to request an electronic copy of the data we hold about you to enable portability, and to request erasure.


You have the right to lodge a complaint with the supervisory authority who is the Information Commissioner's Office (


The data we hold about you came from Corpdata Limited. Corpdata Limited are keen to ensure your communication preferences are respected. Corpdata Limited Registered Office is: Corpdata House, 6 Den Crescent, Teignmouth, Devon, TQ14 8BQ. You can contact Corpdata by telephone on 01626 777400, by fax on 01626 777500 or by email on The Corpdata website is