Data Management

ControlPoint from SES is a file analysis software that simplifies and automates the challenges of Information Governance by helping organisations understand, classify and control enterprise information that is stored as unstructured data.

Effective Data Management With ControlPoint

ControlPoint combines advanced File Analytics with in-depth reporting capabilities, which provides you with the insight to make informed decisions based upon your data. Which in turn allows you to streamline your storage footprint, significantly reduce your backup and restore times, simplify your Disaster Recovery process and most importantly enhances your Data Compliance for GDPR. The Content Identification consultancy service will provide you with an invaluable insight into how your organisation is generating, storing and consuming data. 

How Can ControlPoint Help You?

Reduce Data

Curate enterprise data across active and inactive systems by finding and identifying valuable data whilst eliminating Redundant, Obsolete and Trivial (ROT) data. This enables you to reduce your data footprint and storage costs.

Mitigate Risk 

Reduce organisation risk by analysing and identifying files that contain potential threats to the organisation from both internal and external sources, including sensitive information such as PII. 

Get Control 

Automate the process of declaring records in a records management system for greatly simplified compliance. 

Optimise Systems 

Optimise storage media for content based on its value and stage of life, helping to facilitate the intelligent migration of data and cost-effective storage.

ControlPoint Use Cases

Migration To The Cloud Or Storage Technology Refresh

Many organisations are considering replacing their existing Storage technology or migrating their data to a hosted cloud-based infrastructure. Moving the data can be time consuming and lengthy, which both carry a high potential risk to the business. 

Merely copying the existing data files between platforms isn’t viable, given that on average, 70% of the information is either Redundant, Obsolete or Trivial. ControlPoint provides invaluable insights to the “make-up” of the data files, and by using ControlPoint GUI, it becomes simple to classify the information based upon its content and usage,  thus allowing the data migration activities to be streamlined, reduce the associated risk and only action (move) the relevant data files.

Migration To The Cloud Or Storage Technology Refresh

Azure Information Protection 

Storage Infrastructure Optimisation


Unstructured Data Risk Analysis