GDPR is a legal requirement and implementing sound corporate governance is essential for businesses of all sizes it is essential that organisations protect themselves and avoid personal breaches.

The implications of a successful breach can be severe for organisations, not only can they face significant fines of up to €20 million, or 4% annual global turnover – whichever is higher. Experiencing a data breach can also cause significant harm to your company’s reputation.

The implementation of some good practices will ensure your organisation meets the necessary requirements as well as providing assurance for customers, employees and all other data subjects that their information is being processed lawfully and stored securely.

How Do You Ensure Your Organisation Meets GDPR Compliancy Regulations 

For many organisations, all that is required to ensure you are compliant with the regulations is a simple GDPR Gap Analysis to evaluate your current level of compliancy against the existing requirements.

To achieve this, our consultants will review your existing policies, procedures and controls against the requirements of GDPR. Once this has been completed, our consultants will provide you with a report which indicates your current level of maturity alongside recommendations to remediate the gaps. 

In addition to this, for organisations which have not yet been able to formally implement GDPR changes, our consultants can create and implement policy documentation and changes within your organisation on your behalf, this will enable you to ensure you are compliant with the GDPR legislation.

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