With attackers constantly developing new threats, creating new exploits and identifying new vulnerabilities, regular Penetration Testing is critical to ensure your organisations assets are protected.

Penetration Testing involves our security consultants attempting to breach your network in order to identify the vulnerabilities which exist in your security. Once the weaknesses have been identified in your systems and networks, the next step is to provide advice on fixing them and strengthening your defences.

The Importance Of Penetration Testing

Utilises manual testing techniques to demonstrate how a malicious individual would attempt to breach your organisation.

The comprehensive final report details the resilience of your existing defences and key areas of weakness for remediation.

Regular testing helps minimise your risk profile and contributes greatly to the protection of your income, clients and reputation.

Essential for organisations with a large web presence or remote access as there are many different attack vectors to exploit.

With the introduction of GDPR, regular Security Testing is a good way of evidencing security of personal data processed on IT networks.

Our Approach To Penetration Testing

To deliver the best results, all Penetration Testing undertaken is by SES’s consultants is performed manually by certified Penetration Testers who follow the same tried and tested methodologies used by both the private and public sector.


SES's consultants perform Penetration Testing in the same way a malicious attacker would operate in order to discover the weaknesses in your security which automated tools may not be able to identify. This is essential to access the security of your business critical applications such as booking or e-commerce websites. 

SES recommend performing Penetration testing every year and after each major version change or upgrade to ensure any weaknesses are identified and can be remediated before they can be exploited. SES would also recommend performing regular Vulnerability Assessments in addition to Penetration Testing to examine your systems for known vulnerabilities on a regular basis.


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