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Software Escrow
23 April, 2024

Revisiting the Fundamentals of what is Software Escrow

Software escrow ensures continuity in using critical applications by involving SES Escrow to securely hold source code and documentation, protecting both developers and clients.
05 April, 2024

The AI Revolution: Shaping the Future of Software Escrow

Discover how AI is currently impacting software escrow and what SES might expect in the future, ensuring clients stay ahead in a world where technology and security intersect more intimately than ever before.
18 March, 2024

Top Banking Software Failures of 2023 Unveiled

Expanding on the theme of why software escrow is pivotal to the Banking industry, we take a deeper look at the issue of Dependence from recent banking software fails.
07 March, 2024

Enhancing Operational Continuity with SES Software Escrow & DORA Compliance

Discover how SES's software escrow solutions bolster operational resilience for financial entities, ensuring DORA compliance and uninterrupted service.
19 February, 2024

The Economic Pulse: Insolvency Statistics for 2024

With 25,158 company insolvencies recorded last year, there's an increased focus on the resilience of the technology-reliant sectors.
31 January, 2024

Why Software Escrow is Pivotal to the Banking Industry

Software escrow is pivotal for the banking industry for several reasons, primarily focused on mitigating risks associated with the use of third-party software vendors and ensuring business continuity.
16 January, 2024

Software Escrow Solutions for Law Firms

For law firms specialising in technology, intellectual property, or business law, advising clients on software security is a critical responsibility.
11 December, 2023

Enhancing Trust and Security in Software Development with Software Escrow

Software Escrow Solutions offers tailored escrow services ensuring trust and reliability in B2B software development, with industry recognition and comprehensive support
28 November, 2023

Fortifying Your Digital Supply Chain with Software Escrow

Today, businesses operate in a web of digital interdependencies. With third-party software and supply chains playing a pivotal role, what happens when these links falter? The potential for software supplier failure and supply chain disruptions poses undeniable risks.
17 November, 2023

Software Escrow Services in Focus

Discover the role of software escrow services in addressing global business insolvencies. Learn how they ensure continuity and security for companies using proprietary software.
23 October, 2023

Software Escrow within the highly regulated Insurance sector: What are your options?

The European Union’s Digital Operational Resilience Act (DORA) represents a new era of regulatory stipulations for financial services firms. By emphasising digital resilience, DORA introduces standards for ICT risk management, incident reporting, resilience testing, and third-party outsourcing.
12 October, 2023

Navigating PRA Compliance in IT Outsourcing

SES Escrow ensures swift recovery for stressed IT exit plans, safeguarding against potential disruptions and regulatory sanctions.

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