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ControlPoint Solution Overview

Helps you identify, analyse and categorise information across disparate repositories

ControlPoint is part of an integrated policy based information governance portfolio that manages all enterprise information so you get more value from active and legacy data. This helps you identify, analyse and categorise information across disparate repositories and various file types, whilst dashboards display the analysis graphically to help you better understand your information landscape.

Hows does ControlPoint work?

Our solution helps customers take a critical step toward information governance by reconciling historical data. It achieves this by identifying ‘dark data’ sources and creating a light metadata index. This helps to immediately identify and reduce the ROT footprint. Deeper analysis incorporating advanced data analytics is used to add meaning and context to the data (data becomes information). Once the information has been categorised it can be assigned an auditable policy. 

Our customers can connect and better manage the data in their systems to gain control over information assets across the enterprise. ControlPoint uses Intelligent Data Operating Layer (MicroFocus IDOL) connector framework to identify, analyse and control diverse types of information stored in enterprise repositories and dark data.

Improving productivity, reducing risk & controlling costs

Discovering and understanding the location, type, size, ownership and contents of “human generated” unstructured data files is the first step t in regaining control of unstructured data growth, improving user productivity and reducing operational risks. ControlPoint provides a simple, highly visible user interface that graphically represents each of these classifications. 

Additionally, more granular analysis can easily be performed to identify data files that may contain a major potential risk to your business including sensitive PII.

Easily identify ROT data within your existing repositories

Automated records declaration

With ControlPoint you can identify and declare records in business systems and apply policies to manage in place or migrate the data.

Policy-based migration

Identify and quarantine ROT data prior to migration, reducing your data migration challenges. It also enables you to understand data sensitivity and suitability for destination (repository or cloud) further streamlining your migration.

Find data & documents

Continuously analyses repositories for new content and provides secure links guiding users to migrated and managed content ensuring you never lose a document again. In addition, ControlPoint’s dashboard helps you visualise the content you hold to identify and report on items of interest.

Content discovery & classification

ControlPoint enables you to easily identify ROT data within your existing repositories and then analyse, organise and apply classification policy to the data.

Clients we've helped

Our expertise. Your questions answered

Data Management isn’t relevant to us?

How are you satisfying your compliance obligations as a data owner?  For example, how would you respond to a Data Subject Access Request (DSAR) within the allocated time period (20 working days).

We don’t have any ROT data?

That’s interesting to hear as the majority of organisations we have worked with have as much as 44+% ROT data taking up space in their primary storage! If you were required to report a data loss, would you know the level of risks associated with that data? Would you be able to inform the ICO and other relevant parties?

We do recognise this as an issue but we simply don’t have the time or resource to tackle it?

That’s where SES can help you. We can quickly deploy ControlPoint to scan and index your data and then put in place automation to apply policy-based rule sets. We can then help you to decide what to focus on to get the greatest benefit with the least effort.

Storage is cheap these days so it’s not a priority

We hear this a lot actually and while it may be true there is still an operational impact and cost. For example, your backups (and more importantly the restores) are taking far longer than they need to. Also, if you plan to move to the cloud you will end up paying for far more capacity than you need to.

We don’t use HPE software tools or technology.

Even though ControlPoint was a HPE software product it is platform agnostic and can be used in conjunction with any vendor hardware/software.

I’m sure we can manually respond to a Data Subject Access Request (DSAR) if required.

If you only need to search 5,000 or 10,000 documents, you could probably deploy a team of people to review each document and respond within 20 workdays. But, organisations typically have millions of unstructured data files, not including ever-expanding mailboxes.  Manually locating materials on this scale is an impossible task, ControlPoint can quickly solve this problem. ControlPoint can search and find documents quickly and efficiently, allowing you to respond to the requesting party in a timely and accurate manner.

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